What to Do if Tyre Blown Out?

You can see many marks of tyres on the road these are because of the tyres blowout. Yes, when you are on the road and your car tyres blow out then they leave a mark on the road that can be seen prominently.

These all leftover marks are the prominent sign of heavy blowouts so be careful while driving every day. Tyre blowouts can be more dangerous so you should care about your car tyres that they are highway ready.

To make your tyres highway-ready, you should prepare your tyres for high ways. Here are some important tips to keep your car ready to go on the highways.

Ways to Avoid Blowout

If you want to prevent your car tyres from blowout then try to keep all the things on the track. You should check your car tyre pressure on a regular basis.

Monitor car tyres for pressure and if it needs to inflate then try to inflate them as soon as possible. Car tyres incorrect pressure can be the reason for blowouts so avoid so long wait for checking car tyre pressures.

Nowadays, all the cars are equipped with TPMS that is a tyre pressure monitoring system that continuously monitors the pressure in car tyres and in case of any inconvenience, it displays a warning on the dashboard of the car.

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It only tells you the incorrect tyre pressure but this system is unable to correct this issue. So don’t try to ignore if your TPMS is showing the wrong pressure because it can cause big loss for your car tyres.

If you properly follow your TPMS then you can prevent your tyres from heavy blowouts. Some people say that TPMS should show an indication only when car tyres have incorrect pressure less than 25 per cent so that drivers can correct them immediately.

But this is not the case and you have to manually check the pressure of your car tyres by using a pressure gauge.

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When to Check Tyre Pressure

Check the pressure of your car’s tyres when the temperature is on its extreme because cold weather condenses the tyre pressure while hot weather expands the pressure in the tyres.

This is very dangerous because TPMS doesn’t alert you about the over-filled tyres pressure so be careful at your own by regularly checking the tyre pressures.

When to Change the Tyres

Make sure you are checking your tyres on a regular basis so that you can check its validity. Keep checking for worn tyres so that you can replace them as soon as possible.

You need to replace tyres if it is worn because all-season tyres typically last for six to 10 years or running after 50,000 to 70,000 miles. So try to check for tread so that you can come to know that you need new tyres.

If the tread is deeper on the tyres then it is the sign of better traction that is the reason snow tyres have vast hollows. So keep checking on the tread of the tyres so that you can make better decisions by check the tread.

What to Do in Case of Blowout?

If you experience a blowout then handle it in a proper way because handling it in the right way will keep you safe. There are some steps to handle a blowout.

  • If you hear a loud sound of your tyres and feel that your car is going on one side speedy then stay calm and don’t panic. Don’t do anything until the sound you listen comes again.
  • But at first after listing the sound don’t do anything at all. Obviously you will automatically slam on the brake but we will suggest that don’t do it because it can cause heavy loss that your car can be uncontrolled.
  • Try to grip on the wheel tightly and get control over it. Don’t panic if your car is pulling left or right only try to tighten the wheel? Don’t try to correct the car position because it can cause a big loss.
  • Press the gas pedal for maintaining the momentum because it will prevent you to slam the brake. Because slamming the brake can be the worst thing for you at this time.

Repeat your steps so that you can fully hold on your tyres to keep calm and hold your car. It will prevent you from a heavy loss. Turn on the hazard lights for more protection.

Hazard lights will help you to deaccelerate your car. Try to avoid turning the wheel. In this way, you can hold on your tyres. This is a way to survive a blowout. If you panic yourself in this situation then you can get your car in a big loss. So be relax and try to get out of this situation.

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