What should be a Routine Maintenance of a Vehicle?

You own a vehicle that is the most expensive thing in your properties so try to maintain it regularly. If you keep an eye on its maintenance then it will not harm you in terms of money.

But if you are careless about your vehicle then it may cost you more. So be careful about it so that you don’t need to pay more. Make a regular habit of its maintenance so that it remains ok in all the conditions. Keep yourself safe from potentially costly breakdowns because of the issues in your vehicle.

It is because you can maintain it on a regular basis and can handle all the issues regularly yourself. You can maintain your vehicle regularly by reading all the outlined that is mentioned in the user manual of a car.

Familiarize Yourself with Vehicle Owner’s Manual

You buy a vehicle and when then you were checking it from inside and outside, then you find a thick book. The book that was stored in the glove box or in any other storage box.

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It is basically a car owner’s manual that will be very helpful while having your car anywhere. Sometime you can’t find it in the vehicle because some vehicle doesn’t have this manual inside it. So, if you don’t find it then you can get it online because an electronic version will also available online.

If you can’t find it then you can contact the car dealer for getting its copy because a car dealer should have a copy of it.

After getting this manual, you can turn yourself to the maintenance schedule section that will tell you about the specific timings of all the maintenance of your car.

For example, it will tell you that when you need to change the oil and filter when you need tires rotation. It will also tell you about hoses and belts etc. In short, it has all the information about the vehicle maintenance routine.

Tires Checking on Regular Basis

In routine maintenance, it is important to check your tires on a monthly basis. Because tires are the most important part of your vehicle that keeps your vehicle on the road. If the basic part has some issue then your vehicle doesn’t be able to be on the road.

If you want your vehicle to be on the road without any difficulty then regularly check them to inflate them. Keep tires pressure on a correct pressure level. The recommended tires pressure will also be mention in the car’s owner manual or you can also find it in the place card located on the driver’s door.

Try to inflate your vehicle tires when they are cold to get an accurate reading let them on the road for less than one mile. Keep checking the tire pressure with the tire gauge.

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Keep Changing Oil and Oil Filter

One of the most important things that your engine needs to keep alive is oil of the vehicle. The oil is helping hand in keeping important parts of the engine from grinding against each other.

Because this thing destroys the engine if all the parts grind against each other. If you don’t change motor oil then it will destroy your engine because parts rubbing can destroy everything. If you have no knowledge about oil types then get suggestions from some good friends or from experienced mechanics.

Check Hoses and Belts

This is very important to check hoses and belts for regular maintenance but if you don’t know about them then you can visit any public mechanic shop. You can also get some help from your friends to keep checking on vehicle parts. For regular maintenance, check engine bay for hoses.

Because of these hoses, the engine remains cool and does not overheat because its coolant flow makes sure that engine doesn’t heat up. Check for cracks if hoses have any. If it has any cracks then immediately replace them.

Similarly check for belts too because if it shows any cracks, glazing or material loss then immediately replace it with the new one because it can cause critical situations for the engine.

These all are some main points that you should keep checking on a regular basis to avoid a heavy loss.t��

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