10 Essential DIY Car Repair Tools

When you own a car you know you have to face some issues with time. If your knowledge about cars is really poor then you have to visit the mechanic for every minor problem. It is much better you start working on your car maintenance and get more knowledge about it so you can fix it in case of minor issues. This way you can save your money and time looking for the auto shops.

Here are some of the basic tools which you can collect and keep in your garage.

Pliers set

We normally have pliers in our household toolbox as well but it is essential to have the complete pliers set. They are really useful while working on the cars.

Complete socket set

Another set that you will mostly need is the socket set. A good socket set will also consist of extensions, ratchet and Allen keys. Please invest in a good one as you will need these tools frequently.

Car Jack

Some vehicles come with jacks but it is recommended to purchase a good quality of car jack and stand for your safety. The car jack raises your car off the ground and the stand supports it so you can work safely underneath.

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Wrenches and Screw Drivers

These tools are useful around the house and in your garage as well. Purchase a set with all sizes of screwdrivers large and small ones for all types of mechanical and electrical work. A good wrench set will equally assist you in the garage.

Oil funnel

This may seem to be an ordinary item in the list but you really require it for pouring liquids in your car. You need to add many types of oils in the car and if accidentally you spill them then your engine will simply get dirty. So using funnel is important to avoid inconvenience.


A good working light is a must for your car. It will help you work during the night and brighten the areas difficult to reach. There are different types of lights available now the basic torch light, LED flood light, and hood lights which can fit in the car hoods. You can choose any of them depending on your preference.


While working diligently with our car it is common we may lose nuts, bolts screws, washers, and other small parts. You need a heavy-duty magnet or the magnet belt clip to keep all items safe so you can easily find them later.

Zip ties

Zip ties are very helpful in keeping wires and cables together. You will find it easier to work when they are tied up nicely. They can also hold some panels and parts temporarily while you are working.

Oil dripping pan

When you will start repairing your car you will obviously change the engine oil yourself.  Better to use an oil drip pan to avoid oil falling on the floor. This will protect your garage floor.

Useful breaker bar

It might happen to you that some of the bolts will be very stiff and not easy to loosen up. It doesn’t mean you need extra strength you simply use the breaker bar and get loose any bolt.

These basic tools will give you the confidence to start fixing your car yourself. Obviously, these are not exactly like the items used by auto mechanics but they are helpful for the basic start. 

You can begin with things like changing engine oil or replacing a fused bulb and eventually moving on to do the difficult jobs. So the best idea is to start collecting these tools and repair your own cars to save some money.

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