Best Car Cleaning Hacks for Your Vehicle

We all agree to the fact that it is very difficult to take out time for extra chores these days. One such task is cleaning your car. There is no doubt it is equally important to keep your car clean as much as it is to keep your room because we spend almost an equal amount of time in both. Imagine someday you have to give a lift to any of your friend or colleague and they sit in your car and find it absolutely messy which can be very embarrassing for you.

Taking your car on a regular basis for detailed cleaning service needs much more time and is expensive too. Normally, cleaning your car on your own takes plenty of time and energy. But you don’t need to worry now because we have gathered some of the best cleaning hacks for you to keep your car clean without taking much of your time.

Car wash liquid

No need to buy the car washing liquids from the market when you can make them at home. Just take 3 cups of grain alcohol and 4 cups of water and add 2 teaspoons of dishwashing liquid in it. Keep the mixture in the bottle and you can use it every time to wash the car.

Cleaning floor mats

Sometimes there are stains on the floor mats of the car which look quite dirty. You can use the same stain remover used for the clothes for these mats. Spray the mats with stain remover and let them sit for some time and then wash with detergent and they will be just like new.

Olive oil for the dashboard

Use of little oil over the dashboard will make it look new and shiny. Take few drops you don’t need a lot of it and you can use it for leather seats as well. The oil retains moisture on the dashboard and seats and they will not get cracks soon.

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Remove animal hair

We all face problems while removing animal hair from the seats. For this, you require a water spray bottle and a squeegee. Just spray the water on the seats and use the squeegee, rub it on the seats to remove the hair. You can vacuum the collected hair later.

Clean the headlights

This is another clever hack where you can use your toothpaste for cleaning the headlights. Just rub the toothpaste over the headlights with the help of a cloth and leave for some time then wash them. All the dirt will be removed and they will be crystal clear.

Make car smell fresh

Who doesn’t want their car to smell fresh in case if there is any foul smell in the car there is a way to remove it. To freshen up your car seats and mats just sprinkle the baking soda over them and let it sit for a few hours.  The powder absorbs the smell you can use vacuum to remove it later.

Cleaning the wheels

You can make your tires look absolutely new with the help of this paste. Just combine baking soda, water, and vinegar to make a paste rub it over the tires with the help of any brush. Leave it for about 20 minutes and wash it they will be shiny and spotless.

Use of wet wipes

Wet wipes are wonderful to clean the car windows. It is always helpful to keep a wipes pack in your car in case you spill coffee or anything on the seat or cup holder you can immediately clean it with wipes. This way it will not get stained and sticky and whenever you need you can clean the windows too.

Your car is a big asset for you. It is your responsibility to keep it in the best condition so that it lasts longer. There is no need to visit car cleaners frequently but you can use these simple and inexpensive hacks to maintain it. Whether going on a long drive or just driving on day to day basis these organizational hacks will definitely enhance your driving experience.

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